“Jsut Code” is a collaborative installation in which participants are invited to decode electronic texts written and read by a collective of distributed human and non human writers - a participatory archive always in flux.

Statements on life and death are gathered in real-time, from the social media site twitter and displayed as geometric images. Viewers encounter a continuously updating feed as the machine translates language to image and twitter message to QR code, each image “carries” a language of pattern and meaning, which is activated by the reader.

We see code as a call to action, a call for execution. "Jsut Code" performs questions about automated production, ‘collective’ intelligence and the value of labour and artistic production. The installation explores a continuously evolving and mutating database, which moves beyond and between language.

In collaboration with Winnie Soon


"Soon and Pritchard playfully and industriously encode, decode and re-code message on Twitter to subvert and stretch the limits of ‘meaningful’ messages” by Dr. Linda Lai, Associate Professor in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, 2011.

"Pixel versus life; codes versus human thoughts; electronics versus internet plus a spectrum of magical interplay between images and time. All 10 selected works are courageous experiments of creativity that looks for new perspectives in interactivity and new media aesthetics." IFVA 2012

  • 2012, Independent Film and Video Awards: Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong
  • 2011 *WMC_e4, "Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms (Curator Dr Linda C.H. LAI,), Writing Machines Collective, Youth Square gallery, Hong Kong

*Supported by SCAD & HighWire DTC, with thanks to Writing Machine Collective & Polly Poon

*Images: Helen Pritchard & Winnie Soon

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