Plankton Pop

In 2009 I was commissioned by Plymouth Arts Centre to develop my series Actions for Radio Broadcast. During the residency I developed a radio work using open data sets on Phytoplankton abundance from the Western Channel Observatory L4 station. The sound work was made using "pure data" and broadcast on FreeSound Radio, Resonance FM and Soundart Radio. 

Actions for Radio Broadcast, is an ongoing project, which is dedicated to systems based art and writing enquiries through collective, computational activities. The work explores ideas  environments and systems through enactive computation. 

Plankton Pop sonifies data from csv files that log the abundance of the plankton from 2007-2009.  Data was downloaded from Pangea and is based on flow cytometry which involves using a laser-based machine to count particles and measure the light that they scatter as well as fluoresce.

Using Format